FJD Lawnmower (autonome maaier)


FJDynamics is een robot productie bedrijf dat zich richt op autonome technieken in combinatie met zero-emission aandrijving. Het bedrijf heeft voor de groensector een autonome zero turn maaier voor sportvelden en golfbanen ontwikkeld.

Path Planning
Accuracy up to 5 cm

Path Memory
Resume from breakpoint

FJD HMI System
Allows user to communicate with lawnmower

Working Modes
Manual, remote control (up to 800m) and
unmanned modes

100% Electric Control

Modular design. Lithium battery can be used as an energy storage device.

Driving Capability

Max permissible gradient 20°. Operation speed 6-12 km/h.

Mowing Capability

41″ lifting cutter deck. High-strength blades. Adjustable H/L speed.

Obstacle detection at all times.
Automatic deceleration and stop in case of any obstacles.

The vehicle will be automatically powered off
within 2s as operator leaves the seat.

Dual-emergency stop and
roll bar ensure operation safety.

Keep away from the exposure to sun,
noise, grass clippings and pesticide residue.